Better than on the High Street: My Dolce and Gabbana inspired skirt

Hi Guys👋

Today for this #Betterthanonthehighstreet post, I've taken my inspiration browsing the web, and finding out that lovely three tiered skirt. But when I took a closer look, I realised this simple skirt was actually branded Dolce & Gabbana and is now selling for £945 (gasp).

A simple three tiered skirt, in a fabric that I was sure I've seen a few days ago, or close enough to ring a bell and got me thinking *I've seen that fabric yesterday!*

So I've used this pattern, the Burda Style maxi skirt, option A without the sash.

It worked out really well, in my opinion!

And mine got pockets too 👐 because why would you want a 3 tiered skirt without inseam pockets? I love the fabric, very flowy and lovely to wear, but quite tricky to cut and sew right! I'll put up a post about tricky fabrics and how you can try to tame them soon ;)

I have chosen to put a regular zipper instead of an invisible one, for some reason I have never managed to put a nice invisible zipper properly so I thought it was better to have a nice looking zipper than an awkward looking *invisible*. I think I did alright!

I really love this new skirt, perfect for this summer, and I'm so glad it didn't cost me 945 GBP either! To say mine is only made out of fabric that will never cost me more than ten/twelve pounds a meter, it's close enough from the spirit of the Dolce and Gabanna original skirt, with their beautiful floral print. Just make sure you don;t chose something too heavy, lots of gathering to do here!

Please let me know how your skirt looks like, by tagging me @seweasypeasy using #BetterThanOnTheHighStreet on IG and Twitter, @seweasypeasyblog on Fb and Pinterest of course!

Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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