Better than on the High Street: my George inspired dress

Hi guys 👋,

A few months after the birth of my son Louis, I didn't feel like sewing, yet I needed a few outfits the size above the usual one, so I decided to just place an order online for a little checked shift dress with a Peter Pan collar.

I knew I could do it, but my son was barely 3 months old back then so I thought that this time, it was allowed to just buy a dress. However, when I received it, I was extremely unhappy with it. Sorry I have no pictures of me putting it on, but it was really awful. It was at the same time too big (it was making me look like I was still pregnant, and definitely in the 3rd semester!) and far too short at the hem, it was making me feel extremely self-conscious.

Plus, the pattern matching was absolutely cringeworthy, no effort whatsoever into this! So, I decided o return it straight away, and to make my own. I used my favourite little shift dress pattern by Burda Style

I used the view C, and used Gertie's Ultimate Dressmaking Book, in which is included, among others, a Peter Pan Collar pattern. A bit of black grosgrain ribbon for the sides (I used 1.5 inches wide, and bought 5 metres, just to be safe, and it happened to be an excellent idea to get extra! )

I started by making my dress exactly like the Burda pattern says to, except at the time you're supposed to sew the facing to the neckline, you want to have made your Peter Pan Collar (just like any other, bit of interfacing on a pair only, wrong side together, clip & notch, press, turn right side out, press again, ta-dah!)

Instead of sewing the facing to the neckline, you will first baste your Peter Pan collar right side up onto your neckline (right side up as well), then go back to sew the facings to the neckline like on the Burda pattern.

The grosgrain ribbon was the hardest part indeed. It had a life of its own, and impossible to unpick without it fraying at some point. It took me 5 times before getting a result that is alright, and I first basted it on the side seam using some clear washable glue (yes, the same one as in school, just make sure it's washable and non coloured!). Then, I used my walking foot and went extremely slowly. And it's still not perfect! But at least it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb (anymore :) ). I tried to match the checks, and to say I did everything when my infant son was sleeping next to me, from pattern matching to sewing, it's not that bad!

I got some suiting fabric for my dress, but it will not be the easiest choice for a beginner, as it frays a lot and is difficult to crease (not ideal for crisp darts and zipper!) but if it's not your first time with suiting, then go for it!

For the collar, it's plain black polycotton, a leftover from a previous project, but any local fabric shop will have some! Same goes for the black grosgrain ribbon, any haberdashery will have it.

Please show me your dress by tagging @seweasypeasy and using #BetterthanontheHighStreet or on my Facebook page @seweasypeasyblog , I'm looking forward to see your creations!

Happy Easy Peasy Sewing,

Claire xx

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