Better than on the High Street: my Oasis Inspired Dress

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Hello 👋,

Today, I wanted to talk you through the making of my Oasis inspired dress. It all started because I got 2.2 metres of a lovely navy lace with scalloped edges for only £6 on Ebay, but i wasn't sure what to do with it. I googled *lace top* and *lace dress*, and eventually I saw this dress, and decided to make my own since I can't afford £80 for a dress

How gorgeous! But *gasp* £76? I though to myself: basic bodice, V back with the scallops, 3/4 sleeves, circle skirt. Nothing more, nothing less. I had a bit of navy crepe backed satin left from another project, so all I needed to purchase was the tropical fabric for the skirt. Fortunately, Rose and Hubble fabric had exactly what I needed:

3 metres in the basket, and off we go!

Obviously, I added some pockets to my dress 🙌 🙊

For the pattern, I mixed and matched:

Simplicity 6391, view c for the basic bodice

Gertie's Ultimate Sewing Book for the 3/4 sleeves

I chose a pleated skirt because, though skater dresses are adorable, they're not always the right choice for someone with a mummy tummy 🙈🙊

For the v back, I simply cut the basic bodice back in a v shape. Yep, it's that easy 👌

I did try to use the scallops from my lace, but they were very deep and were kind of falling over. Since I couldn't go check out the dress by myself, I got a bit of lace trim in navy. I sew it at the very end, after the zip was up, just before putting the hook and eye.

For the sleeves, I used a little trick that I have found in the fantastic blog called Tilly and the Buttons. Gathering that kind of lace would have been an absolute nightmare, so I pleated it instead. I have just been a bit naughty and didn't follow the tutorial exactly and didn't bother with the pattern alteration. Still worked a treat!

Here is the tutorial to pleat a sleeve

Time to innocently ring your friends for a drink and wait for the pleasure to say *Oh no, I've made it myself* and order another round since you've made your own dress for £35, instead of paying £80 on the high street😂😂

Please let us know how yours went by tagging me on IG and Twitter @seweasypeasy with #BetterThanOnTheHighStreet and on Facebook @seweasypeasyblog I can't wait to see your lovely dresses!

Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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