How to add a zipped pocket to a lining 

Hi guys 👋!

I was making the version C of the Vogue pattern V8310 , and after making view D ( check out my post here : ) I wanted to make another bag, but I wasn't happy with the pocket in the lining. So I decided to make my own pocket and to show you how I've done!

It was too small to hold anything but a chapstick, and I thought I'd rather a zipped pocket to keep my things I just don't want them randomly moving about in my bag. The modification is actually quite simple so let's see how I've done!

To start with, you need your lining pieces as your pattern shows, but you will also get some interfacing strip that is the length of the zipper you choose and an inch and half wide, and some fabric the same length as the interfacing and double length of the size of the pocket you need. Don't forget to add an inch at the top and the bottom of the pocket .

Finish the raw edges of the pocket, a simple zigzag stitch will do. Determine where your pocket will be and apply a strip of interfacing where you want it. It needs to be at least an inch away from the top edge.

Then trace a line 1/4" up and another 1/4" down. Trace some triangles at both ends, about 3/8" away from the edge. Do this on the wrong side of the lining and on one small end of the pocket bit.

Then put the right side of the pocket against the right side of the lining and sew around the rectangle bit that you just drew.

Cut along the middle line and follow the triangles. Go as close to the stitches as you can without cutting them.

Then pull the pocket through the whole and press carefully.

Place your zipper so it fits the *window * properly. Stitch around the zipper.

Then fold the pocket bit in half by bringing the bottom bit up, making the lines you drew earlier match.

Stitch around the pocket left, top and right side. Male sure you only stitch the pocket, and not the pocket to the lining! Press carefully.

That's it! You can now carry on with your lining following the pattern.

Ta-dah! Enjoy your zipped pocket!

I hope you liked this quick hack and will use it for your handbags or jackets, please tag me @seweasypeasy on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest using #seweasypeasy and on Facebook @seweasypeasyblog 😊.

Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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