Make of the Month: Butterick b6497

Updated: May 18, 2019

Hello 👋 ,

For this first time, I've used a pattern that was actually free when you bought Love sewing magazine (not sure which edition exactly, september,october 2018?) but you can also purchase it like any regular commercial pattern.

I chose view A because I only had 3 metres of fabric to use, and I already made a few coats, but not too many jackets.

my take on Butterick B6497

The tricky bit, like often when making a jacket, was handling the bulk, especially for hemming. Make sure you go slowly, it's not a race, better to take your time so you can feel the needle under the sewing machine, if necessary don't hesitate to simply turn the hand wheel and not using the foot pedal at all.

Butterick B6497

I added some shoulder pads to give it a bit more structure, and a few slip stitches to keep the collar in place. I love how elegant does the jacket feels, and this is a great starting point for trying tailoring. There is no real tricky point, you only have 3 buttons to make , no pockets, so it's a great introduction and it will help you focus on coping with a bulky project. It'll be like Marmite, you'll either love or hate tailoring!

The only point that beginners might need with is the slip stitching. It's a hand sewing technique that is almost invisible, and so easy to master that you won't believe you ever sew without this technique :)

Find one of my favourite tutorial for free here :

What are you going to sew this month? Please tag me on IG or Twitter @seweasypeasy with #MakeoftheMonth I can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Have a great time sewing sew easy peasy,

Claire xx

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