#MakeOfTheMonth : New Look K6575

Hi guys 👋

It's summer in the UK , and after a few heatwaves already, it's time to make a lovely boho, 70's style tunic!

I have made view A, with the batwing style

Well,to my greatest surprise, this tunic was actually pretty hard work to make. The fabric is double gauze,not the easiest to cut, sew and unpick. You need to make some narrow rolled hem all over the sleeves and at the bottom. I thought it was quite tricky to hem the sleeves.

You don't have to use French seams for the inner seams, but since I had to sell my overlocker, I find it's the nicest way to finish seams on delicate fabrics.

I absolutely dread narrow hems, especially this tunic has the bottom bit cut like a circle skirt, with fabric that will stretch at the sides. After leaving my tunic to hang 48 hours, I (tried my best to) trim the sides where the fabric stretched, and I decided to use bias binding to hem my tunic. I think it looks even nicer, and is much more easier to do! Win-win!

I tried to push my sewing a notch above by making handmade buttonholes for the ties. They're far from perfect, please don't show that to Patrick Grant lol! However, I've been told they have a saying in tailoring that goes *it takes 100 buttonholes before making 1 properly* and these are my 5th and 6th, so 94 to go before getting the hang of it!

The ties themselves were quite tricky to make, really thin and not easy to turn since the fabric is so delicate! And I did struggle to understand how to put the facing on properly, but then again, with a baby deciding I'm not allowed to sleep after 3AM (teething!) then it might just be me being tired, it's not like I found the remote in the fridge last week is it ;)

If I had to do it again, I'd probably alter the pattern so the neckline isn't that plunging. I didn't really pay attention when I took the pattern, but after further inspections, it does show the neckline finishes just under the boobies, where the ties will meet. It looks fab and not too cheeky on the model, but then again I'm not a young, tall, slender model, my body went through 2 pregnancies and breastfed 2 babies, plus I'm quite petite so ... cami it is!

see what I mean, about the plunging neckline?

I tried to overlap the facing, but the fabric I chose is so light and flowy that it felt bulky straight away. I tried slipstitching the V neck a bit, but on my petite mummy body, it completely changed the style of the top and made me look even more petite and a bit frumpy/prudish. I tried to add a bit of lace trim, but .once again I thought it completely changed the top and we went from something delightfully retro to proper old-fashion, old style and , again, frumpy. I might create a lace gusset if I find the perfect fabric, but at the minute it's going to be worn with a cami, and I'm keeping my eyes open for a nice brooch or pin that I could have.

I hope you enjoyed this #MakeOfTheMonth please don't hesitate to tag me in your creations @seweasypeasy on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterset, plus my Facebook page @seweasypeasyblog using #seweasypeasy #MakeOfTheMonth

Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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