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Updated: May 7, 2019

Hi guys 👋

Today we're going to take a look into PDF patterns, because it's not always easy to know what to do.

Every person makes their PDF pattern in a different way, so reading carefully the instructions (and not being too impatient to start!) can save you some precious time and heartache. You can subscribe to the blog to get the free PDF pattern and many more here: https://www.seweasypeasy.com/members

First of all, it's extremely important to print your PDF pattern using Adobe and only Adobe! And make sure the scale is 100% or your pattern won't be at the same size that the designer prepared for you. This simple step can be the difference between a great fitting garment and a total disaster!

So, now we have our pattern printed with Adobe at 100% and that's what we have

Usually, to help you out, the pattern designer will name every single page with a row and column number and will also give you an illustration of what the pattern will look like once put together, like so:

In my case, I thought it'd be easier to create some margins to put the pattern together in a much easy peasy way :)

This means you will need to overlap your pattern. Most designer will create their pattern this way, but then again, sometimes they don't so read the instructions carefully!

To overlap the pattern, you need to cut off one margin of one page like so:

Then, you need to make sure it will overlap and meet the other page of your pattern nicely. On most professional patterns, you will find notches, circles or squares to match every single time you add a new page. But sometimes, the notches and the pattern lines don't match. In that case, I chose to make sure the pattern matches over the notches.

When your pattern is overlapped, it should look like so:

And this is what it looks like now he whole pattern is put together:

And there you are, all set and ready to go! If you have any problem despite all this, I advise you get in touch with the pattern designer, I've never contacted anybody being anything else but lovely and helpful!

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Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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