Sewing for baby : How to sew with faux sherpa fleece 

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Hi guys 👋,

Today I've had some great news, one of my best friends is expecting a new baby! You know what that means: I'm going to be sewing for baby quite a bit, and we'll take a look together at how I've done 😊

I've chosen to start with a teddy bear, I think it's a perfect gift for every mum to be, with its lovely vintage style and mine is stuffed with a mix of pillow stuffing and dried lavender to make it sew much nicer than the one from the shop!

To start with, your faux sherpa fleece fabric is actually knit fabric, mine has a bit of stretch.

But more importantly, your faux sherpa fleece has a nap. Which means you will need to be careful to cut all your pattern pieces the same way, whether you choose to use it with the grain or against it.

Then, you want to carefully report your pattern pieces on the wrong side of the fabric, make sure you don't forget any darts or marks. Make sure your ink won't get through, even if it's a water erasable marker they are not working the same way on all types of fabric, so beware! Also, don't use a rotary cutter (too messy) but an old pair of scissors (not your best pair of fabric ones)

Then, you have to be extremely careful when pinning your sherpa fleece. Here is the WRONG WAY to do it: just pin it with the fur showing

What you want is carefully turn all the fur inside as you're pinning, so none will show, like this:

You want to use a longer straight stitch than you usually do, and I don't clip my curves when sewing with sherpa (too risky), but I make sure to press my seams open carefully using my fingers and not the iron. Look at this beautiful seam, hardly visible:

Time for stuffing your toy. I know it sounds a bit extreme, but using forceps or fishing clamps will really make a difference in the quality of your finished toy.

I used a mix of lavender and pillow fiber for stuffing my bear. Just lavender would make it really rough and expensive, so just a little bit is fine. Be careful to not touch the outside of your bear if you're using lavender, or it will stick to your sherpa and will be almost impossible to take out from the fleece.

Once it feels like your bear is ready, slipstitch its opening, even out the stuffing if it needs to, add a pretty bow and there you go! You made a lovely teddy bear in sherpa fleece with lavender!

It's sure to be the perfect baby shower present! Let me know when you made yours by @ me @seweasypeasy on Instgram and Twitter using #seweasypeasy and on Facebook @seweasypeasyblog plus I'm on Pinterest!

Happy sewing,

Claire xx

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